Geyser Marketing Group (‘Geyser’) was established in September 2003 and since those humble beginnings have worked with some of the top Consumer and B2B brands on the planet. Founded by Ron Kunitzky, author of “Partnership Marketing” (Wiley, 2011), Geyser specializes in delivering a complete Partnership Marketing solution for clients starting with the development of their partnership strategy all the way to execution of the Partnership Marketing program. Throughout the entire process, the team works side by side with their esteemed clients as an extension of their marketing and business development units.

At Geyser, we are laser focused on the practice of Partnership Marketing. We know what we do well and we stick to it. We believe in adding value to your business and helping you meet your objectives which will in turn, allow us to meet ours.

There is a saying, ‘Past performance is the best indicator of Future performance’ and we have a track record of delivering. With over 70 client mandates under our belt, contact with over 2,000 Brands worldwide and having just celebrated 10 years in business, our clients and business partners are very happy with the work we’ve done for them. You could be one too.