Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Partnership Marketing? Perhaps the answer is already here. Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for then be sure to  ASK RON.

What is Partnership Marketing?

Partnership Marketing is a collaborative marketing program between two or more brands that is set up to drive the strategic marketing priorities for your business. The most common marketing priorities are brand awareness, new customer acquisition and customer monetization; Partnership Marketing can achieve all of those.

How should I approach Partnership Marketing for my business?

You need to start out by thinking about how you can benefit another brand and help them with their business objectives. Most brands are looking for new audiences, revenue opportunities, unique product bundles, content and ways to get their brand out there. If you can offer those kinds of benefits, you are certainly off to a great start.

How do I select prospective Marketing Partners?

Look for brands that align to your brand and product offering and in turn will have the kinds of customers that you are targeting and have had success with to date with partnerships. Be sure to focus on sizeable opportunities and try to work with people that are ‘partner-friendly’ and really value what you are offering and see your proposition as an improvement on what they are already doing.  

What makes for a successful Marketing Partnership?

It’s all about results. If they are happy and you are happy then you’ve struck gold. The key is to set expectations and identify the business metrics and goals for the program in advance so that you have something to look back on once it’s up and running for a while.

How do I know if my business is ready for Partnership Marketing?

If your business is still pretty new, then chances are you are not ready. Partnership Marketing is generally dependent on some sales and marketing history in order for it to work well. Sell some product and get some new customers using other more ‘direct’ tactics and strategies first and once you’ve got a handle over your customer profile, a control-offer established and you know how much you can afford to revenue-share with a partner brand; you will then be ready.

How should I put my Partnership Marketing program together?

It’s more important to ask what it is that you want to achieve? If you are looking at acquiring new customers, then you will want to partner with brands that can deliver those to you cost-effectively. Look at how your customers transact with you and look for brands that can emulate that pattern by referring their customers to you and seek out creative ways for how your product fits well with what they are already doing.

When will I see results from my Partnership Marketing program?

It really depends on the nature of the program and how long it takes to get it up and running. Part of working with another brand is relying on them to do their part. Be sure to set accountabilities on both sides and work to a schedule that drives both parties along. Some programs see traction right away while others are slower to get off the ground – pretty much like any marketing program.