Growth Accelerator

Our Growth Accelerator product is ideal for those looking for support and expertise in leading and developing their Partnership Marketing programs. Included is everything from the Growth Kick-Starter product as well as support from the team at Geyser to deliver your partnerships.

We start out by developing your Partner and End-Customer Value Propositions. This is where we audit your brands, products, content, revenue models, margins, and customer profiles to develop a compelling offering for partners and their users/customers.

We then carefully consider the data and details of your propositions to compile your Partner Prospect List. The list will typically range from 50-75 partner opportunities as we look to cast a wide net and then short-list the top 25 prospects according to how our partner evaluation matrix tool ranks them.

Once you sign the list off, we then hit the ground running on leading your partner development cycle which includes Prospecting, Pitching, Negotiations and Closing the Partnership Marketing deals. We develop your pitch, make the calls and send the emails and follow up. We do the presentations and draw up the agreements to seal the deal and deliver the partnerships for you, so there isn’t a drain on your resources.  

$3K-$10K/Mth + Success Fees